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Looking for classic cocktails, alcohol-free mocktails, refreshing spritzers, or fruit tea, healthy superfood drinks, try this rice fermentation drinks, it seems to have all the necessary components for a fantastic beverage experience.


Pour 40ml of Chi Mo Rice drink and 30ml rose syrup, 2 spoons alpro and 60ml water into the shaker.


Mix 30ml Chi Mo Rice drink with 30 ml rose syrup, a shot of sparkling water and fill the glass with ice.

Fruit Tea

Mix 60ml Chi Mo Rice drink with a shot of hot water and fill the fuit tea.


Autume’s Best



CHIMO Oct(1).png

Combining a fermented CHI MO rice drink with cereal can indeed be a healthy and nutritious choice for a morning meal. Here's a way to create a nutritious food using rice fermentation drink and cereal:


  • CHI MO fermented rice drink

  • Whole-grain cereal (choose one with minimal added honey and high fiber content)

  • Nuts or seeds (e.g., almonds, chia seeds, or flax seeds)

  • Superfood powder (e.g., acai berry powder, spirulina powder, or beetroot powder)

  • *Extra Fresh fruits (e.g., berries, sliced bananas, or chopped apples)

CHIMO Oct(2).png

Combining a CHI MO rice fermentation drink with a dried fruit tea can make for a healthy and flavorful tea drink. Here's how you can prepare it:


  • CHI MO fermented rice drink

  • Dried fruit tea (e.g., dried fruit infusion, herbal tea or ginger tea)

  • Honey or a natural sweetener (optional)

  • Sliced fresh fruits (optional)

  • Cinnamon or other spices (optional)




Chi Mo is an artisanal Chinese sweet rice drink producer based in Brussels, Belgium. By using  glutenious rice, yeast, water and traditional brewing methodologies.  Rice drink is a traditional wine made from glutenious rice. With sweet taste and rich nutrients, rice drink contains vey low alcohol during fermentation.

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