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Chi Mo is an artisanal Chinese sweet rice wine producer based in Brussels, Belgium. By using only glutenious rice, yeast, water and traditional brewing methodologies. Rice wine drink is a traditional wine made from rice. With sweet taste, low alcoholicity, and rich nutrients, it has been popular among all ages in China for thousands of years.

During my time in Brussels, I was missing the kind of brews that my parents made growing up, much more sweet, sour, and structured. I started off as a home brewing project in 2020. I was an ASM in JD Sport at the time and I loved my job. I would get home and brew at least two weeks because of the multiple stages involved in making rice wine drink.

This natural fermented low alcohol wine is produced by steaming the glutenious rice, fermenting it and pressing it. In the meantime, we are able to make different flavours with the addition of goji berries, ginger or various flowers.


Although labeled a “wine,” rice wine bears more of a similarity to healthy drink, as it is created from fermented rice or grains. As such, it is not gluten-free. You can drink rice wine directly, after being heated or stored in refrigerator. Besides, it is widely used to make Chinese dishes.



A sweet fermented rice, also known as “Mi Jiu", is a popular traditional ancient fermented drink in China. It has a low alcohol level 1.7% and natural sweet taste with just three ingredients, water, rice and yeast.



Mi Jiu is a natural low alcohol RICE drink, fermented with the help of yeast. It contains more than ten kinds of amino acids. We brew each batch 14 days from scratch and never use concentrates or dilution. It has thick, mellow and sweet texture, That way we guarantee a delicious drink that’s alive.



Chi Mo is brewed to perfection using types of flowers,Goji,Ginger or types of fresh herbs, skillfully balanced to create wildly inspiring flavours.



Starting in 2020, my goal was to consistently deliver quality, tasty, and good looking product which authentic dishes of the historic city of Xi’an, Shaan Xi, China, based on proprietary family recipes. It all started with a simple dream; to make the xi’an food something everyone knows and loves.

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